Kathryn Newburn,CNM

Certified Nurse Midwife
1301 Sanchez Avenue
Burlingame, CA  94010 650-347-6943






Peninsula Midwifery 

~ a maternity care and home birth service

Caring for mothers and newborn babies

San Francisco, Peninsula, and Coastal areas



North Peninsula ~ Office In Burlingame  
Email questions to: ~ homebirthcnm@yahoo.com
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 Rosanna Davis, LM, CPM

  Private Practice 
        Midwifery Care

  Specializing in
      Normal Childbirth

 650 289-0809 

  Comprehensive Prenatal Care

  Planned Home Birth

  Water Birth

  Postpartum & Well-baby Care
  Birth From Within childbirth
  preparation -- Certified 
  BFW Mentor
    Hospital Birth Assistance 
  Burlingame to Mountain View


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  Office in Menlo Park


  Office in Palo Alto

 Faith Gibson, LM, CPM

  California Licensed,
          Professional Midwife

  • Former emergency room,
    labor & delivery room nurse
  • Teaches and writes on
      midwifery topics

  Specializing in 
   Normal Labor 
    & Spontaneous Birth
      in all settings
  • Planned Home Birth
  • Birth Center
  • Support for hospital birth

    650 / 328-8491 
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Private Midwifery Practice Since 1982


     Office in Palo Alto  
 Donna Driscoll, LM CPM 


Specializing in 
Normal Childbirth 
Since 1976

Private practice midwifery care, specializing in normal childbirth for planned home birth and water birth


Also provides in-home hell stick for Newborn Screen (PKU) around Day 5 or 6

For More Information Visit www.townandcountrymidwifery.com


Office in Mountain View

 Ronnie Falcao, LM, MS       

  Home Birth Midwifery Services

  Specializing in water birth
  & older, first-time mothers

  European-style, in-home
  postpartum care and lactation
  assistance for mother & baby

 More info @ www.GentleBirth.org 

  •  Well-woman GYN care;
  •  Private-duty midwifery
     care as doula
  •  Prenatal hypnotherapist
  •  Deep water tub for
     both home birth &
     labor coaching clients,
     for labor &/or 
     water birth

 650 / 961-9728 

Since 1990


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